A Full House! Bingo Networking at MeWe’s Exchange Evening

MeWe360 love to support creativity – championing leadership and working to create wider social change.

We enable creative entrepreneurs to bring about meaningful change within the UK economy, generating thriving sustainable businesses.

Tonight’s event opens with a great opportunity to share experiences, learn from experts within the industry and find out more about exactly what your fellow creative are up to.

We are passionate about nurturing our networking – and welcome our audience this evening to join us in a highly creative and fun Bingo Networking game.

As attendees for this evening’s event gather, they are invited to collect their own Bingo Networking game card.  Enjoying chatting over top quality food and drink, they are given the opportunity to approach others in the room to share greetings and ask questions, completing various catagories of their personal Bingo Networking card as they go. Designed to inspire conversation, challenges include finding audience members who have worked abroad, those who have realised a childhood dream and those who have received funding from Arts Council or other funders in order to achieve their chosen project.

A highly enjoyable game ensues and audiences clearly thrive on the fun, competitive nature of the networking challenge.

Once more MeWe360 are delighted to inspire memorable conversations, spark great ideas and create opportunities to share.

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