BBQ, Beats and Beachwear

Last night we were thrilled to host MeWe member Norris Panton and the talented team from his latest venture Sugar Dumplin as they brought their Caribbean BBQ and Bar to our exquisite Soho Square venue. Norris is a serial entrepreneur and his latest venture saw the Sugar Dumplin team cook up a Caribbean treat for us all…not to mention enough rum cocktails for us to forget the cold of a chilly night in Soho and bring some sunshine in to our souls! Sugar Dumplin currently have restaurants located in The Atrium Camberley and Princes Square Glasgow.

Now, with the Caribbean spirit in our stomach and our souls, we needed our bodies to keep up with the action! Luckily for us MeWe member Bola Marquis was on hand with a pop-up shop for his Okun collection of African inspired beachwear. Established in 2012, swimwear label Òkun is popping with an eclectic assortment of dynamic patterns and colour, all drawing heritage from Pan-African design.

So, I know what you’re thinking…that’s the BBQ and the beachwear but what happened to the beats?

That’s where Resolution Music came into their own. Hosting the latest in their series of Music Showcases the guests, which included artists, creatives and entrepreneurs for across the UK, were treated to live music from emerging artists who may well become household names in the next few years.

With all that creative talent crammed into one building on a Wednesday night, it’s no wonder MeWe360 is excited about the year ahead and the fantastic work that our members are creating.

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This blog was written by the newest member of the MeWe360 team, Helen Rynne (Membership Co-ordinator).

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