Celebrating Risk-Taking in the Creative Industries: Ije Nwokorie at MeWeExchange

Ije Nwokorie, Managing Director of Wolff Olins,, is also a patron of MeWe360.

He has worked in Africa on urban development projects and remains passionately devoted to Africa’s potential for leading the way in developing new models for sustainable business.

Ije helps businesses worldwide to evolve their brands, taking advantage of the opportunities presented by new digital media.

Wolff Olins help ambitious leaders to innovate and reinvent their businesses for the future. Believing firmly that there is no formula for game change, which is a product of collaboration, they bring their expertise to business by building the right team from their four hubs to fit each assignment perfectly.

Describing the inherent nature of risk taking as an inherent part of the creative journey, Ije explained he wished to describe his personal journey this evening.

His parents were academics. He grew up in Africa and went to the local village school. In his twenties Ije went to America, graduating from Columbia University, New York as an architect.

His own risk was to leave seven years of architectural study in order to join the world of digital brands. The internet in the early nineties offered exciting new opportunities for business and Ije was keen to explore and find out more.

The importance of risk taking as a creative strategy – exploring innovative ways to create brands – was just one of the many exciting opportunities that Ije’s role as Managing Director of Wolff Olins has offered him.

Leading a creative business means that risk taking is absolutely critical if new ideas are to evolve.

Allowing passionate people to collaborate, create and work on inspired ideas together is a leading shift in today’s society.

Ije compared the 1960s business models with innovations such as the iPad Mini of today. A new understanding informs the strategic evolution of today’s creative business.

Incredible outcomes are achieved through creative collaboration and the courage to take risks. Ije’s inspirational invitation to think in innovative ways that build aspiration and passion into creative endeavours left his audience with a highly thought provoking series of insights.

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