Chris Ike: An Exceptional Singer/Songwriter on Stage at MeWe Exchange & A Superb Finale

Singer/songwriter Chris Ike performs outstanding R&B and is also a producer. A highly talented artist, as yet unsigned, Chris has performed at two previous MeWe Music Showcases, where a song written in collaboration with fellow MeWe member Nat White stole the evening.

As Chris took to the stage his friendly introduction to the audience ensured he was quickly taken to their hearts.

Performing a beautiful version of ‘Worthy’ Chris’ soulful vocal delivery and exceptional acoustic guitarmanship evidenced clearly that this young songwriter has an assured future ahead of him.

A cover of Rhianna’s ‘Stay’ showed just how accomplished Chris’ ability is when it comes to putting his own signature touch on an established songwriter’s work.

Chris’s distinctive style clearly impressed MeWe360’s audience, who listened spellbound as he played. His heartfelt and passionate performance was a privilege to watch. Chatting to audience members Chris offered up his tips on tackling nerves on stage, performing and singing.

His plans include writing songs and producing an E.P.

You can watch Chris performing here  – or why not say hello on Twitter at @OfficialCIke ?

Listen to Chris’ performance at this weeks MeWe Exchange here.

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