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Colourful Radio – It’s all about you!

Henry Bonsu, former BBC presenter, now director of programming at Colourful Radio took to the stage.

Introducing himself with a smile as the ‘creative genius’ behind Colourful Radio, Henry explained some of the costs involved in running a radio business together with how important it is to measure audiences.

Playing favourite soul and reggae artists on Colourful Radio is clearly a great source of delight to Henry who invited audience members to put forward their favourite artists.

Colourful is a platform for soul music that invites interviews and chat on radio too. In particular Colourful Radio seek to give a platform to those who are politically active within the creative industries.

As a privately owned radio station, Henry explained that there are a huge number of people they would like to reach, but that they have no marketing budget at present.

The importance of viewing the marketing offer through an “African London prism” informs how Henry seeks to engage with audiences.

The level of passion of Colourful Radio’s listeners is clearly important to Henry. His inspiring and enlivening presentation this evening gave MeWe360’s assembled audience a lively and memorable insight into running a great creative business.





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