Funk and Soul in Style – The Remarkable Talent of Yolanda Charles

Yolanda Charles took to the stage and instantly endeared herself to the audience with a warmly witty introduction to her work.

Having played with Paul Weller, Jimmy Somerville and Dave Stewart among many other notables, Yolanda explained how she enjoys playing bass in a funk style, as well as in a soul setting.

Yolanda’s soulful vocal delivery and assured bass style evidenced her clear talent and passion for music.

Yolanda has worked in the music industry since her first session for Jimmy Sommerville back in 1989.

She explained that she wished to be perceived as a funk bass player and how putting her own music together led to her running master classes, speaking at trade shows and performing in Germany and America – all promoting her own music in a meaningful way prompted by desire for her music to be heart led, rather than simply commercially driven. 

Yolanda has long cherished the dream of opening her own music venue to assist her fellow musicians. She explained how MeWe360 helped her identify that it was actually helping other musicians that was her strongest desire and how she is moving these plans forward, by looking at ways to monetise the project and build up networks of support.

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