Helen Starr: Nurturing and Supporting Contemporary Culture

Helen Start, founder of FuseArts launched the seminal Cork Street gallery Entwistle almost twenty years ago.

Her lastest venture is FuseArts, set up to nurture shared projects across the arts. With a focus on promoting contemporary artistic activity to a wide ranging audience, Helen enables the forging of new artistic communities.

FuseArts provide micro finance and marketing for artistic projects.

Together with artist Jordan Hodgson, Helen is partner in House of Jonn,, a London based creative studio specialising in architectural and critical design. HoJo’s work has been widely published, most recently in the book ‘Digital Architecture: Passages through Hinterlands.’

HoJo brings together independent thinkers, producing work that critically questions and celebrates the potential of the city.

Helen explained how she had worked for Damien Hirst initially. Twenty years on, she saw the amazing work of Jordan Hodgson and was passionate about helping him to market it to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Helen discussed President Obama’s speech on accelerating innovations and 3D printing. She was inspired by this and how it led to Nike being among the chief manufacturers employing 3D technology in the US.

Helen works with creatives daily and is passionate about enabling them to enjoy viable businesses that allow them compete within a global marketplace.

Inspiring audiences with her insights regarding the world of manufacturing and technology, Helen explained how vital it is that our young designers and creative artists are supported in ways that truly support their businesses, enabling them to thrive on the world-wide stage.

Listen to Helen’s talk here.

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