Incubator Member Learning Group

It’s time to work ON your business not just IN your business!

Do you ever have the feeling that your day to day ‘busyness’ is stopping the thinking and action needed to make key changes to your organisation? We’re making a special invitation to MeWe Incubator members to take part in a new Learning Group to tackle exactly this issue. The first introductory session on Tuesday April 14th at 6.30 pm will explain more. The new learning group will offer regular focused time (every 6-8 weeks) to explore your business issues, questions and challenges. You’ll access the ideas, energy and practical know-how to tackle the barriers head on. We ask all Incubator members to take part in one of these groups as a crucial part of the support we offer at this tier. Kevin Osborne, CEO of MeWe, brought the concept of Learning groups to MeWe because of his own experience;

“Tim Malnick, who runs the MeWe Incubator Group, also facilitated my learning group. He’s the best facilitator I know. Bottom line, it helped me to clarify my motivation for setting up MeWe, and identify the skills I needed to lead the project. I believe I made much better decisions after the process, decisions which helped me to successfully start and build MeWe. My view is whatever you are doing, whatever your business, if you are willing to invest in the process it will help you to do it better and get to your goal faster and happier! Superficially it might seem like something that’s a luxury. From my experience it is a necessity.”

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