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Kevin Osborne, Founder and CEO of MeWe360 : A Wealth of Untapped Creative Talent Exists

“I believe that a huge amount of the UK’s best entrepreneurial and creative talent remains untapped.” announces Kevin Osborne. “Getting access to the right kind of help and support is essential for success.”

MeWe360’s pioneering new incubator and investment fund is set to create huge opportunities for untapped entrepreneurial talent in the UK’s creative industries.

MeWe360 has a highly innovative business model – combining a not-for-profit development house and a commercial investment fund. Enabling MeWe360 to offer a distinctive and unique approach to developing creative talent, all the profits that the organisation generate are ploughed back into supporting new up and coming entrepreneurs.

MeWe360’s unique union of public and private funding enables ambitious entrepreneurs to fully realise their objectives, while boosting the economy and helping to create sustainable business.

MeWe360 is the brainchild of Kevin Osborne, whose career in the creative industries spans more than 25 years. Prior to founding MeWe360 Kevin has enjoyed working as a musician and recording artist with Warner Brothers and was founding director of Tribal Tree, which launched the careers of some of the UK’s leading artists, Plan B among them. He has always been keenly aware of the huge pool of creative talent in the UK and was eager to find a way to mix grants and commercial funding, to enable participation in the supporting and financing of creative entrepreneurs.

Targetting all creative entrepreneurs, but keenly focusing on groups of talent who often don’t have as much access to investment – including Black and Aisian communities and working mums – MeWe360 enables them to fully realise the true extent of their talents and aspirations.

Creating opportunities that not only assist entrepreneurs to fulfil their potential, but also help the wider community are the keys to creating economic recovery, Kevin explained.

The UK’s creative economy is growing exponentially, offering huge opportunities for stimulating growth and creating employment. The evolution of digital technologies gives entrepreneurs a springboard in creating sustainable start ups and in a changing market place, creative entrepreneurs have a key role to play in developing innovative business models of production and distribution, with economic, social and cultural benefits resulting. 

“We aim to find, support and invest in our entrepreurial creative talent.” Kevin explained, demonstrating MeWe360s aims of developing supporting and financing talented entrepreneurs to create long term sustainable growth and social good in the process.

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