Kieron-Scott Woodhouse and A Mobile Phone Made From Bamboo!

A former university design student, Kieron-Scott Woodhouse took to the stage.

A product designer, he explained he is trained in the processes of problem solving.

There are lots of types of product design, Kieron-Scott explained and he is involved in an eclectic range of design ideas.

Kieron-Scott has designed till casing and in-store fittings for Estee Lauder among many other projects.

Chief among his designs is that for a new smart phone called ‘ADzero’ made from bamboo.

Outlining how he and his associate created a working prototype of the phone, Kieron-Scott explained how the design was taken to testing stage.

Choosing to unveil the product in the western market, ahead of showcasing it to China, Kieron-Scott explained they achieved initial interest from investors.

The product was designed to create change within the mobile phone industry.

Following press coverage and extensive social media networking, the design attracted investment from Chinese funders propelling Kieron-Scott and his partner into the mobile phone industry.

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