Meet MeWe’s first investee, Ben Ryan

After joining MeWe in 2012, Ben became our first investee in 2013. He is currently an Incubator Plus member.


Find out how MeWe has brokered £900,000 of investments and meet Ben Ryan

Ben formed Blue Lotus in 2012. A music company specialising in live music event production & programming alongside artist management & development. Blue Lotus provides a platform that develops awareness of traditional Black music genres, specifically Reggae, in a way that uniquely merges social responsibility with entertainment. Blue Lotus has 3 flagship projects – Bass Culture Clash, Vibes & Pressure and a new Reggae festival.

Bass Culture Clash is an international project that celebrates the influence of Reggae on bass driven music, has produced tours and shows in USA, UK and Brazil to date. Vibes & Pressure is a live showcase event promoting conscious music (Reggae, Roots, Afrikan, Hip Hop) in East London. The Reggae festival, which launches in October 2014, will become London’s only annual Reggae festival growing from 3000 in year one to 20,000 in year four.

Prior to forming Blue Lotus, over a 13 year career, Ben  gained  expertise via a range of roles that successfully utilised music as a tool to engage and instigate societal movement: Project Manager for the Arts Council England funded programme Project Talent UK, Show Manager for four successive BBC 3 London Jazz Festivals and Head of Events and Marketing at the Arts Council England funded Black music youth event company Bigga Fish. Prior to this Ben spent 5 years at EMI & Virgin Records.




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