Our membership offer just for you

We are still in the season for giving, so after too much celebrating we know you resolve to start the year off with the best intentions.

Thinking of starting your own creative business?

Already a member of MeWe360 and wanting to renew your membership?


Well we are giving you the opportunity to have 3 EXTRA months of your membership if you apply/renew before 4pm on the 31st of January.

You can either:

select a 12 month membership for the price of 9 months


choose a 15 month membership for the price of 12 months?




Network Plus


12 for 9 MONTHS: N/A £262.50/annum £371.25/annum £1125/annum
15 for 12 MONTHS: £175/annum £350/annum £495/annum £1500/annum
SAVING: £43.75/annum £87.50/annum £123.75/annum £375/annum

To apply/renew please contact Kevin Osborne at

Membership Information

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