MeWe Exchange April Round-up

MeWe360 April Networking Roundup

It doesn’t seem like any time has passed since the last MeWe360 Exchange in March, but the crowds milling around Golden Square, enjoying drinks in the surprisingly balmy April evening, were a strong indicator that the season had indeed turned.

Things were also warming up nicely inside the venue as a stream of creative innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders gathered for an evening of connection and inspiration.

Maybe it’s the combination of a great venue, delicious food and drink, and the location right in the pulsing heart of the city that sets off the now-familiar buzz at all of these events. But I suspect that it has more to do with the people at the core of MeWe, representing the breadth of creative endeavour across music, television, performing arts, film, business, design, photography, fashion…the list goes on.

It was fitting, then, that Kevin Osborne – MeWe360 founder – opened the evening by welcoming a large number of new members, and explained that at the centre of MeWe360 lies a drive and passion for connecting people and helping nurture entrepreneurial talent.

Tom Adeyoola, MeWe360 patron and CEO of Metail kicked off the evening’s show-and-tell by talking us through his fascinating journey from a working class background through to heading up a team of 28 people in a globally-successful, first-of-its-kind, cutting-edge business. Metail answers one of the great dilemmas of the internet shopping generation – ‘I like the look of that, but what will it look like on me?’

With an impressive array of tried and tested benefits for both retailers and consumers, Metail looks set to take the online retail world by storm, and it was a privilege to have an insight into Tom’s journey. Thankfully, we recorded the talk, so you can listen again and take notes.

In fact, don’t stop there. Have a go yourself and try on a virtual item on the Metail site here. And of course, they’re on facebook and twitter, too.

“I felt shivers down the back of my neck – this is definitely going to go round the world if we do this”

Mat Churchill stepped up next to thrill us with tales of circusry, cinematic theatre and some rather extraordinary tents. A trained acrobat, Mat co-founded 360 Entertainment – voted UK startup of the year in 2009 – and possesses the unique vision and ability to produce boundary-defying, visually remarkable performances for global audiences.

Starting in the mid 90s in a squat in Lewisham and inspired by the likes of Cirque du Soleil, Mat began to explore ways in which stories and performances can be taken to new audiences through fresh visualisation and custom-made tented arenas. Over one million people have seen his production of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan, where the inside of the tent is ‘painted’ with video the size of two imax cinemas, so that “when we fly to neverland, the whole audience (flies) with us”.

Whilst there is something undoubtedly experiential about appreciating this kind of thing, you can get a flavour of it here on YouTube. And, of course, we recorded Mat’s talk too.

Miri then led us into the final part of the evening with a spellbinding live performance. Kevin explained that he had first met Miri when she was 16 years old as a member of Tribal Tree, and how he had been delighted when another MeWe360 member brought her along to an Exchange event.

With authenticity, grit and melody, accompanied by her percussionist, Miri performed a couple of original songs and finished with a powerful rendition of a Cheryl Cole track.

You don’t get to miss out either: listen to Miri’s performance here and visit her website here.

The final bit of exciting news from the night was that MeWe360 have just launched a new fund for film and music. Bringing people together from diverse sectors is our speciality, and we’re particularly excited about presenting and investing in new film and music. Get in touch, as we’d love your idea to get the audience and attention it deserves:


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