MeWe360 : A Wealth of Passion, Expertise and Support for Your Creative Business Ideas

Tonight’s event is an inspirational evening of stimulating chat, show and tell and creative exchange- providing an invaluable plaform to meet and enage with MeWe360’s extended network of creative industry leaders, advisors and supporters.

Superbly located in the heart of Piccadilly, central London, MeWe360 bring a wealth of passion, expertise and support designed to identify and develop untapped talent within the UK’s arts and creative sector. As audience members gather to chat, enjoying fine wine and delicious food, it is clear that sparkling conversations and ideas are being generated from all quarters. Great things happen when people get together – as MeWe360 can readily testify.

Incubating new businesses, the company invest in providing entrepreneurs with financial, business and leadership expertise and work space to enable them to realise the full potential of their ideas.

By supporting creativity, championing leadership and working to create wider social change, MeWe360 present a highly innovative offer, enabling creative entrepreneurs to bring about meaningful change within the UK economy, generating thriving sustainable businesses.

Tonight marks the beginning of an exciting series of events. As the audience gather to exchange creative ideas and experience and learn from experts in the field it is clear that a great buzz of creativity and innovation is being generated.

MeWe360 is designed to propel creative business forward.

Offering great funding opportunities, expert advice and mentoring and incubation, if you have a great idea that you are passionate about developing to its true potential, why not investigate all that MeWe360 have to offer?

Comprised of both a development house and a commercial venture fund MeWe360s innovative model helps to accelerate creative businesses, while simultaneously reinvesting in future entrepreneurial growth.

The development house’s not for profit offer provides subsidised expert advice enabling creative entrepreneurs to truly realise their ambition and ideas.

The commercial venture fund aspect of the organisation then enables investment in businesses, with any return subsequently reinvested into the development house to enable support for future entrepreneurs.

MeWe360 offer subsidised packages of support to meet the needs and requirements you have for your creative business idea.

Fully committed to enabling you to develop your talent to your full potential, MeWe360 offers you:

– Access to invaluable networks and resources
– Superb office space and facilities close to Piccadilly Circus in Central London
– Expert knowledge and support to propel your creative business ideas to the next level
– An exciting programme of events, workshops, presentations, networks and showcasing, including events that inspire inform and connect MeWe360’s membership, led by top industry profesionals
– Access to professional meeting facilities, cinema and conference rooms, work and events space
– Incubator designed to get you and your project investment ready
– Professional coaching and access to MeWe360’s network of industry contacts
– Access to working capital to support exciting new projects – plus the opportunity to pitch for investment from MeWe360’s venture fund
– The chance to forge a community of peers to make real change – for yourself and others
– Subsidised rates you can afford

Sounds good? Why not get in touch today to find out more about how membership can benefit you and your creative business?

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