European Premiere of documentary film ‘Harlem USA’

MeWe360 is proud to host in collaboration with it’s member Nadia Denton, the European premiere of documentary film ‘Harlem USA’ on Monday 2nd July 6.30pm. We had a chat with Nadia to find out more about her and her latest project.

MeWe360 member Nadia Denton

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and what you do?

I have been working in the film industry since 2004, mainly in exhibition with cultural institutions such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts and the BFI Southbank. I established bfm (Black Filmmaker) Film Club and also directed the 10th and 11th International Film Festivals in 2008 and 2009. In the last two years I have been led marketing campaigns with festivals/organisations such as Film Africa, London Film School and Islington Black History Month. I am something of a jack of all trades insofar as running and executing a film event is concerned. I organise, fundraise, programme and market.

Q. Why MeWe360?

I have been seeking a new creative community and MeWe360 is an ideal fit at this stage of my career. I am not aware that there is any other hub like it in London. The fact that there are investment opportunities is a bonus. I have lived in something of a creative bubble for most of my years in the film industry and realise that it is time to venture out more into the world of business and enterprise. I feel that MeWe360 will help me to do this.

Q. Why Harlem USA?

I was approached by the US based filmmaker who found me through a google search on the internet! The project is very community-led and its integral nature made it an easy sell. There is a lot of commonality in the content of the film with communities across the UK, esp in London. Cultural displacement seems to be an unfortunate, but increasing trend of the 21st century.

Q. Tell us about your first book, ‘The Black British Filmmaker’s Guide to Success: Finance, Market and Distribute Your Film’.

I wrote and self-published the guide last year. It is the first book that has been written (internationally), which takes a cultural specific view on opportunities for black content films. It features 42 interviews with significant black British Filmmakers and industry professionals as well as my own advice and guidance. It is available as a free pdf download from my website
I am very proud of it and what it reflects about the black British filmmaking community.

Q. What is next for you?

I am currently researching the Nigerian film industry with the view to writing a Nigerian version of my filmmaker’s guide.

Q. What is your dream project?

I would like to establish a platform that commissions a slate of low budget documentaries and features, marketing and distributing them internationally.

To find out more about the event and book tickets (click here)

'The Black British Filmaker's Guide to Success' a book by MeWe360 member Nadia Denton.      Download Nadia’s book for free.

To find out more about Nadia visit

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