Moira Sinclair, Executive Director, London Arts Council England – Support for Creative Businesses

Contributing to national policy development and responsible for the support of the arts throughout the capital, Moira Sinclair oversees a portfolio of 250 arts organisations and leads on relationships with London’s Mayor, local governmental cultural planning and major urban regeneration.

Arts Council England champion, develop and invest in artistic and cultural experiences that enrich people’s lives.

Under Royal Charter, the Arts Council was set up to support great art and ensure it is accessible to all.

“Great art is supported by great talent,” Moira explains. She is excited by the developments that MeWe360 has to offer, in combining public funding and private investment to support the development of creative entrepreneurs.

The Arts Council have several chief objectives, one of which is that the arts sector should be resilient and sustainable.

“There is a huge wealth of creative talent in the UK and the creative industry sector demonstrates genuine and exciting growth.” Moira concludes.

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