Network Plus (The lab) launches at MeWe360

We are hosting our first Network Plus (The Lab) event on 20th July with MeWe360 member Beyonder.

Beyonder and co will be using this session to explore and develop Beyonder’s exciting new project C-18 (an episodic film).

If you want to test or pitch an idea, tap into others’ expertise or need some outside input to move your project forward then Network Plus (The lab) may be right for you.
Network Plus (The Lab) sessions allow members to identify a group of people with the relevant experience and skillsets, to exchange ideas and give advice and feedback in a more focused, intimate setting than usual network events.

You tell us who you would like there from the MeWe360 network and we will issue the invitations, provide the venue and help facilitate the session if necessary. If you don’t have anyone specific in mind or can’t find all the right matches for your needs then tell us your requirements and we can contact people from our wider networks that may fit the bill.

Any MeWe360 member interested in booking a session should contact Louise

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