Òkun beachwear

MeWe member Bola Marquis launches his African inspired SS15 beachwear collection with John Lewis. Established in 2012, swimwear label Òkun is popping with an eclectic assortment of tribal patterns, symbols, colourful styles and dynamic patterns, all drawing heritage from a wealth of Pan-African design.

Setting himself apart from many ‘Africa is cool right now’ type brands, the British-Nigerian founder wants to create a long lasting, sustainable label. Expanding beyond just beachwear, Òkun is set to move into full apparel with a wide range of t-shirts, bomber jackets, shorts, vests, buckets hats, snap backs, canvas bags, socks and slip-ons…the works, for both men, women and children.

Keep up-to-date with Bola and Òkun here.

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