Our Interview with Sophie Goodall – MeWe Membership and Events Coordinator

MeWe is all about developing ‘untapped’ potential. We like supporting individuals and businesses to

thrive, both as MeWe Members and as staff. Sophie Goodall came to MeWe as a raw intern just over

two years ago. She’s just successfully moved to her dream job for a large marketing company in the

City of London. This is her story.

How did you start working at MeWe?

“I was unemployed, but the JobCentre in Marylebone told me about an internship with MeWe360. I jumped straight into the fire pit helping organise the MeWe exchange Christmas party. My first lesson was learning how to look calm and collected, when inside I was anything but.”

What were you responsible for?

“Having been an intern I gradually progressed my learning to developing and managing the rentals business for the MeWe Hub. Within this trading arm of MeWe we generate revenues so we can reach more members. I have also helped market and organise the MeWeExchange and our partnership events. In effect I have been running my own mini business inside MeWe – I’ve been responsible for profits and targets. This has given me invaluable skills, particularly as I know I will run my own business in the near future!

What are you most proud of?

“I took over the hire business that MeWe had started in January 2014 four months later. At that point we had maybe 5 hires. We were testing the waters. I was tasked with growing that business. I think I did it well. I made some good mistakes and some bad ones, but overall I have built a mini-business within another. We now have up to 585 visitors a month. I’m proud that I have been able to drive it to reach high targets and expectations. I’ve managed to meet and juggle all the expectations of clients like Converse, Universal Music and BP and the requirements of my colleagues.“

What was your favourite part of working at MeWe?

“I loved the people I work with, and the area. Olga is a kindred spirit. We worked so well to make sure the office and Hub ran smoothly. I loved meeting the members and the networking.

Being part of a small team, in a new business is special. You have a real say in how the company can be shaped, and be heard. I know that when I move on, it will be a different situation – a good challenge but I will miss how much impact I had.”

What will you miss most?

“The team and the members. Though I won’t have to miss them for long, I still plan to attend a few MeWeExchanges.”


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