Welcome to our March MeWe360 Exchange!

As audiences for tonight’s MeWe360 event gather in Central London, it is clear from the prevailing atmosphere of excitement and anticipation that MeWe360’s networking events are fast becoming the hottest date on the Capital’s calendar.

MeWe360 host a programme of networking and leadership development events designed to inspire, inform and connect our membership. As a MeWe360 member, you can enjoy access to all our events (free or discounted, depending on the type of membership you decide is best suited to you).

At our superb venue in London’s Piccadilly we are tonight delighted to welcome creative industry leaders, advisors and supporters.

If you are new to MeWe360, a very warm welcome to you! We look forward to meeting you as you enjoy top quality food and drink, plus the opportunity to chat to our members.

An exceptional evening is in store, including ‘show and tell,’ stimulating chat with fellow creatives and the chance to network to your heart’s content

Why not join us on Twitter too? We will be tweeting live throughout this evening and want to hear all about your expectations of tonight’s event. You can contact us via our Twitter account @MeWe360. Tonight our hashtag is #MeWeExhange. Just include this within your Tweet and let us know your thoughts and share you views as you join us in helping to make this evening’s event a truly memorable experience.



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