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Welcoming Audiences : Chief Executive and Founder of MeWe360 Kevin Osborne

Welcoming everyone, Kevin Osborne founder and Chief Executive of MeWe360 expressed his pleasure and delight at seeing so many people present at tonight’s event

Offering creative entrepreneurs the support they need to develop and grow their businesses, Kevin explained the core offer of MeWe360 –  access to great networks, advice, equipment, space and cash.

Celebrating the unique offer each entrepreneur brings to the creative industry, Kevin explained that people truly are the power behind this project.

“There is so much expertise in the room and it can be truly enlightening to have feedback on your project,“ Kevin continued.

About to launch a music fund and a film fund, Kevin explained that MeWe360 are looking for early stage projects requiring an injection of cash to get them started.

In addition, MeWe360 offer access to fund raising expertise for those seeking grant funding for their activities.

Kevin concluded his presentation by expressing his wish that everyone present would enjoy a great evening ahead.


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